Three Hopes

As we dig into this book, we have three big hopes for you. It is these three hopes that are driving us to pray, preach, study, and lead you through the book of Acts.

Our first hope is that you would get a vision for what God is able to do and what God desires to do through Frontline Church, locally and globally. Jesus took a small group of average disciples and empowered them with his Spirit for radical mission. We are praying that God would give Frontline Church confidence, power, and enthusiasm for his mission that rivals that of the early Church in the book of Acts.

Our second hope is that you would play your role. Like the Church in the first century, Jesus has called us to himself and called us to be his witnesses. God’s mission moves forward with God’s people. The book of Acts is filled with ordinary people doing extraordinary things through God’s power, including Peter, Paul, Stephen, Priscilla, Aquila, Barnabas, Lydia, etc. Our prayer is that the book of Acts would give you a grid for what it means to play your role in the mission of God.

Our third and final hope is that you would experience the fullness of the Triune God — Father, Son, and Spirit — in your day to day life, as the early Church did. The book of Acts reminds us that God is not on vacation in some distant land, oblivious to the sufferings, needs, and concerns of his people. Rather, God is actively involved in the daily affairs of life. The Father is still comforting and healing people. Jesus is still saving and changing people. The Spirit is still filling and empowering people for mission. Our prayer is that our theology of God would translate into actually experiencing God more and more.