Learn Together


Discuss the following questions during Family Meal and Discipleship Group (see How To Use This Booklet).

Family Meal

Peter and John demonstrate the power of the kingdom by healing a man who was lame from birth. They actually take notice of this man as he is begging. He was asking for money, but he needed something more than money. Likewise, we need to have gospel eyes for those around us who are broken, hurt, and in need.

  • What are the surface level needs of our area? What are the greater gospel needs of our area? Do you have an awareness of the needs around you?

Through this miraculous healing, everyone is astounded. Peter and John proclaim the gospel and call men and women to repentance. The act of kingdom demonstration led to an opportunity for gospel proclamation.

  • In what ways have you seen God miraculously work in the past? How did God use that to advance his mission?
  • After hearing these stories of God’s power, read Acts 3:11-26. As this is read, let your heart just take in the beauty of the gospel.

Prayer: Spend some time together praying that God would display his power in miracles that would lead to more people coming to know Jesus.

Discipleship Group

  • Who do you know around you that is hurting in such a way that you would walk up to them and heal them, if God gave you the power to do it? What is holding you back from taking a risk and praying over that person for them to be healed?
  • In Acts 3, we see a connection between the works of Jesus (kingdom demonstration) and the words of Jesus (gospel proclamation). Which do you lean towards? Where do you need to grow?

Prayer: Spend some time together praying for healing and miracles in specific situations.

Record any insights from family meal and/or discipleship groups...