Learn Together


Discuss the following questions during Family Meal and Discipleship Group (see How To Use This Booklet).

Family Meal

The book of Acts tells us the story of Jesus continuing his mission from heaven through his Church. What is the missio Dei (mission of God) all about? It’s about God having people from every nation, language, and culture brought back into right relationship with himself. Jesus left heaven and came to earth to fulfill this mission by living perfectly, dying sacrificially, and rising victoriously. The book of Acts continues the story of God’s mission through his Church. The twenty-eight chapters of Acts chronicle the early church going from a relatively small, unimpressive group of disciples to an explosive, global religion that turned the world upside down. And all of this in about thirty years time.

  • Where in our city is there an obvious need for mission? What places are not as obvious, but equally in need?
  • If you knew your mission would be a success, what would you do to push back darkness in our city?
  • Based on the answers given, discuss ways that as a group you can engage the mission of God.

Prayer: Spend some time together praying for your city, your area, and your neighborhood.

Discipleship Group

  • In what ways have you successfully engaged the mission of God in the past? What was your experience?
  • What obstacles are holding you back from living on mission today? If you were to talk yourself out of mission, what would be the reasons? (Do you feel too old? Too young? Inexperienced? Insecure?)
  • How do you think Jesus would respond to these reasons?
  • What specifically is God inviting you into, as it relates to his mission?

Prayer: Spend some time together praying that God would move you towards faith instead of fear in this invitation to mission.

Record any insights from family meal and/or discipleship groups...