Learn Together


Discuss the following questions during Family Meal and Discipleship Group (see How To Use This Booklet).

Family Meal

Acts 2:42-47 is a small section of the Bible, yet it provides such a vivid description of what the early church was like. They didn’t meet in a shallow way. They were characterized by being devoted to the apostles’ teaching and also devoted to fellowship. They had to hear from God and be in close community with God’s people. They were all blown away with how God was miraculously working in their midst. They considered the needs of others greater than amassing their own personal fortunes. People were praising God and having favor with each other. The Lord has preserved these verses for 2,000 years, keeping them safe, so we can hear, learn, and change to be the church God wants us to be through these verses.

  • Read Acts 2:42-47 out loud. What are the elements of community here? As a community, where are we doing well? Where are we sensing an invitation to growth?

As all this was happening, the Lord added new people every single day to the church. The early church was a close-knit group, but not a closed group.

  • How does this growth make multiplication a necessity? How do you think people felt about their changing relationships as the church grew?
  • What things need to be put in place so this group could multiply? (apprentice, future leader, plan, commitment, etc.)

Prayer: Spend some time together praying that God would continue to bring more people into community.

Discipleship Group

  • In what ways is God calling you to partner with Frontline Church in multiplying gospel communities that love God, love people, and push back darkness? (for example, telling more people about Jesus, starting a new community group, leading, helping plant a new congregation, etc.)
  • What are your expectations for community? Is this realistic? In what ways does this match up with Acts 2? In what ways does it not match up with Acts 2?
  • Our “dream” of community actually destroys true community. How can we truly love what the community is now despite their failures?

Prayer: Read Acts 2:42-47. Spend some time together praying that this would become a reality in your group and in the church.

Record any insights from family meal and/or discipleship groups...