Learn Together


Discuss the following questions during Family Meal and Discipleship Group (see How To Use This Booklet).

Family Meal

By the work of the Spirit, Peter now has the attention of men and women from all over the world. He continues his sermon by boldly declaring the death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus.

  • Read Acts 2:22-36. How does Peter’s gospel message differ from how we would share the gospel? What did Peter mention that you probably would have left out?
  • What about Peter’s sermon is most jarring or offensive to our current culture?
  • Read Acts 2:37-41. How do you think Peter felt towards the people he was preaching to? Do you think he felt anger or love? How do you feel towards the people that need Jesus around you?

Prayer: Spend some time together praying, thanking God for the gospel, and asking him to give you a heart of love toward non-Christians.

Discipleship Group

  • What in Peter’s sermon does one of your three need to hear? What does Peter talk about that you are most afraid to share?
  • Have you been baptized since you became a Christian? If so, share your story. If not, explain why not.

Record any insights from family meal and/or discipleship groups...